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The Reggio Emilia approach focuses on the image of the child and learning through hands-on experiences.  Our emergent curriculum is guided by the child's inner desires.

Children learn naturally through play experiences — either self directed, peer directed or adult guided — but children who are provided extended time for exploration and play will gain a higher level of independence, the ability to plan their own activities, and the chance to find and develop what they are truly interested in.  Our primarily hands-on, playful and meaningful experiences are constructed to:

• Provide opportunities for the children to think together, to develop planning skills and experience deeper levels of thought to promote critical thinking skills necessary to meet and surpass developmental milestones.

• Promote the development of more advanced social skills through experiences that foster self help and communication to guide children in becoming respectful and caring to others and their environment and to better help them navigate social and emotional issues.

• Support children’s free will, creativity, and imagination while providing them with a sense of responsibility and trust.

Encourage self-harmony and joyful, healthy play which leads to a higher ability to learn and retain knowledge and nurtures a love of learning and helps to prepare children for life itself.

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